Prof Andy Lowe has served stints as Scientist in Residence at The Advertiser, and is a regular contributor to The Conversation. In August 2018 he began his residency at The Australian Financial Review, the first scientist in residence in a national newspaper’s newsroom in Australia.

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Andy frequently gives interviews and comment on a broad range of science and society topics for national and local TV and Radio shows (ABC, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, SBS, Radio Adelaide, 5aa), and for a broad range of international and national print and online media (Reuters, The Times, The Economist, New Scientist, Science, Nature, Australian Geographic, The Australian, The Advertiser).

He has also been a presenter on Channel 10s Scope program, and is available for comment, interview, to write or to present on a broad range of science-related topics.

Andy has a new podcast Food Futurists with season one boasting interviews with the likes of Howard Yana-Shapiro of Mars Inc, and Marco Gualtieri of the biggest global food summit around, Seeds&Chips.

Detailed list of media outputs:

Orphan crops – Saturday Breakfast with Deb Tribe, ABC Radio Adelaide, 9 November 2019

Takeaways from Global Table – the Australian Financial Review, 14 September 2019

Nine industry leaders appointed to Agtech Advisory Group, The Adelaide Advertiser, 21 August 2019

The right diet in changing times – Saturday Breakfast with Deb Tribe, ABC Radio Adelaide, 18 May 2019

The Australian plants that could become our daily fare – – the Australian Financial Review, 25 January 2019

Food waste: How you can win the war on this inefficient, unsustainable, practice – the Australian Financial Review, 4 January 2019

Learning the dark arts of media communication – The Walkley Magazine, 10 August 2018

The race to win the fight against food fraud – the Australian Financial Review, 10 August 2018

Under-pollination and the impact of insecticides on food security are part of the discussion at a Gold Coast bee congress, taking place this week– The Land Australia by Jamie Brown 28th Jun 2018 (Interviewed)

Experimentation essential in saving Earth’s degraded land–, 11thMay 2018 (Featured)

Andy Lowe being interviewed by RiAus TV at WOMADelaide Planet Talks 2019

Developing future fuels and fighting food waste– Adelaide Uni News, 12th Apr 2018 (Featured)

New research centre to fight food waste– Fresh Plaza, 12th Apr 2018 (Featured)

Tiny tucker– Adelaide Advertiser, Business Journal, Adelaide Now, with Belinda Willis 30th Jan 2018 (Interviewed)

Publish but don’t perish – ABC Radio Adelaide, with Deb Tribe, 10thJan 2018 (Interviewed)

Presented on ABC Ockham’s Razor with Robyn Willia

Stopping the poachersABC Ockham’s Razor with Robyn Williams, 7th January 2018 (Presented)

SA native food farmers meet in Adelaide to find ways to grow exports and marketsAdelaide Now, 21st Nov 2017 (Featured)

Smart SA: New DNA tracking to protect South Australia’s clean, green produce from food fraudAdelaide Now, 15th Nov 2017 (Featured)

Serving Up Native FoodThe Advertiser, 10th Oct 2017 (Authored, Scientist in Residence, Edited Cameron England)


Food production is rapidly embracing automation – what role can South Australia play in this farming revolution? – The Advertiser, 7th Oct 2017 (Authored, Scientist in Residence, Edited Cameron England)

Food Quiz –  The Advertiser, 6th Oct 2017 (Authored, Scientist in Residence, Edited Cameron England)

Foodie Friday with University of Adelaide professor Andrew Lowe – 5AA Radio, 6th Oct 2017 (Interviewed)

Just wasting less will help boost food security efforts The Advertiser, 6th Oct 2017 (Authored, Scientist in Residence, Edited Cameron England)

Food porn isn’t new, but bugs on our dinner plates might just be the next big thing – The Advertiser, 4th Oct 2017 (Authored, Scientist in Residence, Edited Cameron England)

ALowe w tiser crew
in the Adelaide Advertiser newsroom during a stint as Scientist in Residence, October 2017. L-R Luke Griffiths, Valerina Changarathil, Richard Evans, Andy Lowe, Cameron England

Technology transforming SA food productionThe Advertiser, 2nd Oct 2017 (Featured)

Business Journal dedicated to The Future of FoodThe Advertiser, 3rd Oct 2017 (Featured)


Top of the class – Australian Gourmet Traveller, National, General News, 1st Sept 2017 (Interviewed)

Interview with University of Adelaide Food Innovation Director Andrew Lowe – ABC, SA Country Hour, 30th August 2017 (Interviewed)


Australia’s native food: more than bush tuckerAdelaide Review, 1st Aug 2017 (Interviewed)

Publish and don’t perish – how to keep rare species’ data away from poachers – The Conversation and Daily Bulletin, 14th Jul 2017 (Authored)

Bush tucker bible aims to bring native food into the mainstream with health and cooking details – ABC Online and ABC Radio, 4th July 2017 (Interviewed)

Native food plan heats up – Adelaide Advertiser, 1st July 2017 (Interviewed)

Options available for mite incursion – The Land, Sydney, 15th June 2017 (Featured)

Front cover of Science Mag featuring ‘Lost Forests’

Found: ‘lost’ forests covering an area two-thirds the size of AustraliaThe Conversation, May 12, 2017 (Authored)

Found: ‘lost’ forests covering an area two-thirds the size of Australia – National Geographic, Daily Mail, Mail On Sunday, Daily Mail Online, ABC News,ABC [The Drum], ABC Online, ABC Radio Australia News, SBS, 9News, Australian Geographic, Australasian Science, Yahoo!7 Finance, Timberbiz,True Viral News, Engineering News, A Green Living Blog, Nature World News, POST Online Media, US Utah Standard News, Long Room, The Daily Caller, Daily Caller News Foundation, Sattler Audio Video, Tri-County Sun Times, Fusion, cn, Laboratory Equipment, Sina English,, Daily Bulletin, Healthcare Industry Today – EIN News, InDaily,Science Media Exchange – Scimex, University Of Adelaide,The Lead South Australia, Science Alert, Financial Tribune,,, NewsGrio, Shepparton News, 2SER FM, 4EB, Radio Goolarri, MOB FM, 2XX FM, BLU FM 89.1, Tank Radio, 8CCC, Gove FM, 4GEM, 4MIG, KIX FM, 5RRR, 3MGB, 4TOF, 4BCB, 4US, 3REG, Hobart FM, Radio Adelaide, Triple J (Interviewed and featured)

A new role at the University of Adelaide is set to help foster partnerships between the SA food sector – ABC Regional SA, 17th May 2017 (Interviewed)

Growth on menu for food boss – Advertiser, 16th May 2017 (Interviewed)

New university director to help grow food sectorFood Magazine, Australia, 16th May 2017 (Interviewed)

Research in the food sector is expected to be more effective through new appointment – 2NM Radio, National Rural News, 16th May 2017 (Interviewed)

Interview with Professor Andrew Lowe, Inaugural Director of Food Innovation – ABC Eyre Peninsula and West Coast, 15th May 2017 (Interviewed)

Climate change impacts on plants – ABC Radio Canberra, 24th Feb 2017 (Interviewed)

How do we keep gardening in the face of a changing climateThe Conversation, 23rd Feb 2017 (Authored)

Bees face mite threat – Stock Journal, 13th April 2017 (Interviewed)

Islands in the sky used as Noah’s ark for threatened plantsNew Scientist, Daily News, 9th November 2016 (Interviewed)


Citizen scientistsChannel 10, Scope, Season 3, Episode 102, May 2016 (Presenter, starts 19:52 minutes in)

We’re kidding ourselves if we think we can ‘reset’ Earth’s damaged ecosystems – The Conversation, 27th May 2016 (Coauthored)

Scientists can now track stolen timber using DNA profiling – SBS Science News, 18th May 2016 (Featured)

DNA matching helps convict traders of illegal timber – ABC Radio, 19th March 2016 (Interviewed)

Explainer: the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)The Conversation, 17th March 2015 (Authored)

Interviewed by  Simon Royal ABC Current Affairs

Restoring the Mt Lofty Ranges – 7:30 Report SA ABC News & Current Affairs, with Simon Royal, 17th Oct 2014 (Interviewed)

Will the climate debate end up being fought in court? – The Conversation, 4th July 2014 (Authored)

DNA stops Illegal logging – Radio Adelaide, with Ewart Shaw, 9th March 2014; ABC Radio National’s Drive program, with Waleed Aly, 4th March 2014  (Interviewed)

Fingerprinting trees to stop illegal logging – Newsmaker, 3rd March 2014 (Featured)

Stamping out illegal logging in the Asia-PacificMedia release Senator Colbeck. 2nd March 2014 (Featured)

Bushfire-hit farmer Brenton Newman sees environmental hope by de-stocking his Sanderston property to help it regenerate – 7:30 Report SA ABC News & Current Affairs, with Simon Royal, (Extended interview), 19th Feb 2014 (Interviewed)

Nature’s barcode: the simplest way to track wood: DNA fingerprinting becomes a viable option for verifying existing wood-tracking systems – ITTO Tropical Forests Update. 22/1 2013: pages 16-19 (Authored)

Grubs Upentophagy as an alternative food source – ABC News and Channel 10, 18th September 2013 (Interviewed and Featured)

SA Museum to digitize largest aboriginal artifact collection in the world – Yahoo, 19th August 2013 (Featured)

Digital future for indigenous past – The Australian, 19th August 2013 (Featured)

Interview with Ian Henschke ABC

Acting Director SA Museum – with Ian Henschke – ABC Adelaide 891, 30th July 2013 (Interviewed)

Evolution of plants – ABC local radio Sydney, 7th April 2013 (Interviewed)

DNA based methods leave illegal loggers with no place to hideThe Conversation, 12th November 2012 (Authored)

In defence of the humble ant, champion of biodiversityThe Conversation, 6th November 2012 (Coauthored)

DNA testing of wood to help curb illegal loggingTimber Design and Technology. Nov 2012, pp 12-15 (Featured)


Seeing the wood for the trees: Genetic testing of wood can curb illegal loggingThe Economist, 22nd September 2012 (Featured)

DNA tests tell trees from the wood; curb illegal logging – Reuters, 20th August 2012  – Reuters story resulted in >100 additional stories covered across the globe in online, newspaper and radio format, including: Jakarta Globe, Daily Herald,, Yahoo! News UK and Ireland, The Star Malaysia, Yahoo! News Canada (Featured)

How DNA testing could fell the illegal timber trade – Reuters TV, 15th August 2012 (Interviewed)

Silent declines: recognising unlisted ‘endangered’ speciesThe Conversation, 11th July 2012 (Coauthored)

Narrowing leaves of the hop bush caused quite a stir

Climate change is shrinking Australian plant leaves – New Scientist, 4th July 2012 (Interviewed)

Climate causes leaves to narrowBBC online, Nature and The Conversation 4th July 2012 (Interviewed)

Climate change linked to narrower leaves – Radio New Zealand National for ‘Morning Report, 5th July 2012; ABC news radio, 3rd July 2012; Channel 7 News, 3rd July 2012; Radio Adelaide, Orbit, 3rd July 2012 (Interviewed)

Genetically linked, a continent apart: the rise of DNA barcoding – The Conversation, 31st May. 2012 (Authored)

Sick Trees; What’s causing trees to get sick in the Adelaide Hills – ABC 7:30 Report, with Simon Royal, 11th May 2012 (Interviewed)

New timber tracking tools to bolster global fight against illegal logging – Forest News – Centre for International Forest Research, May 2012 (Featured)

Life Strikes Back – InDaily, 15th May 2012 (Authored)

Pollen Can Protect Mahogany from Extinction – ScienceDaily, 3rd April 2012 (Featured)

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network Symposium – ABC Radio, 29th March 2012; Radio Adelaide, with Ewart Shaw, 8th April 2011 (Interviewed)

DNA barcoding: a better way to discover speciesThe Conversation 5th March 2012 (Coauthored)

worked with Lucy Davis  on an Art-Science Migrant Ecologies project

Migrant Ecologies: Innovative Southeast Asian science-art collaborationSingapore University, with Lucy Davis, Feb 2012 (Featured)

University of Adelaide hosts Ecology national symposium – In Business, 2012 (Featured)

Doctor Who’s world just a step away – Adelaide Advertiser, with Clare Peddie, 1st December 2011, Clare Peddie (Interviewed)

Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference – Radio 5AA, with John Kenneally and Keith Conlon, 1st December 2011; ABC Online, 30th November 2011, article by Michael Collett; ABC Riverina, with John Morrison, 30th November 2011; Radio Adelaide, with Ewart Shaw, 30th November 2011; Campus Daily Australia, 28th November 2011; Radio 6PR (Perth), with Tony McManus, 28th November 2011. Media reports of the conference reached 34 countries in 15 languages, with coverage by major wire services in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia; over 307 online publications, and many radio and television interviews (Interviewed)

Seaweed Hotspots, Illegal Logging, and Discovering New Species Under the Desert –  NewsWise, 29th November 2011, Article by the University of Adelaide  (Interviewed)

Truth in DNA barcoding – Indaily, 30th Nov 2011 (Interviewed)

DNA detectives aim to thwart illegal timber trade – New Scientist, 28th Sept 2011 (Interviewed)

Plants meet by the gate to swap genes – The Australian, 19th July 2011, page 7 (Interviewed)

Tree fingerprinting helps track illegal loggingAustralian Geographic, 12th July 2011 (Interviewed)

Forensic tree detection – Indaily, 1st July 2011 (Featured)

Interviewed for Science Daily, New Scientist, In Daily,  eScience News, Physorg, Bioscience Technology, Biology News Net, Global Green World, redOrbit, UPI, iStockAnalyst, AdelaideNOW, The Advertiser, Forest Legality Alliance on Using Using DNA in Fight Against Illegal Logging

Using DNA in Fight Against Illegal Logging – ScienceDaily, 30th June 2011; eScience News, 1st July 2011; Physorg, 30th June 2011; Bioscience Technology, 30th June 2011; Biology News Net, 30th June 2011; Global Green World, 1st July 2011; redOrbit, 30th June 2011; UPI, 30th June 2011; iStockAnalyst, 30th June 2011; InDaily, 1st July 2011, page 2; AdelaideNOW, 1st July 2011;  The Advertiser, 1st July 2011; ABC Radio, 30th June 2011 (Interviewed/Featured)

Climate research aims to boost forests – ABC News, Monday, June 20, 2011 (Interviewed)

Modern Technologies for Paper Supply Chains – Forest Legality Alliance, World Resources Institute (Interviewed/Featured)

Pine evolved to resist rise of flower power – ABC Science, 8 June 2011 (Interviewed)

Specific recognition of the risks of new genetic variants of existing introduced species was recognised by the Hawke Review of the EPBC Act. As follows ‘There is also a need to review the live import list in regards to variants or hybrids. The Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre noted that the current situation is that ‘animals can be freely imported if they are five generations away from the original wild animal’. The Invasive Species Council suggested that: The import of genetically distinct varieties of existing permitted species is a major source of pest and weed risk for Australia as new variants may have new features that significantly increase their pest risk or turn existing non‐pest species into invasive risks.’ (Lobbied)

Front cover of Lumen – forest edition

Trees for life, Extracting DNA from timber – Lumen, University of Adelaide alumnus magazine, Summer 2011 edition, Dec 2010 (Interviewed, Front cover)

Qantas make another emergency landing – New Zealand News on A380 emergency landing in Singapore, 6th November 2010 (Interviewed)

Climate change and plants – 5aa Radio Sunday morning Gardening Program, with Peter Cullen, May, 2010 (Interviewed)

Weather records probed in climate studyABC TV Stateline, 14th May 2010 (Featured)

Spiny rushweed threat – ABC Stateline, 16th April 2010 (Interviewed)

Grass takes on a bar-code – ABC Radio – Rural, with Amy Spear, 18th Dec 2009 (Interviewed)

Going… going… gone (comment on IUCN red list report) – ABC Radio PM, with Bronwyn Herbert, 3rd November 2009 (Interviewed)

Climate change and plants – 5aa Radio, July 2009 (Interviewed)

Plant Bar Code Soon to Become Reality – Science, 31st July 2009, page 526 (Interviewed)

Can’t weed them out without entry curbs – The Australian, Higher Education Supplement, with Jill Rowbotham, 13th May 2009 (Interviewed)

Weed work never stops – ABC Radio – Rural, with Nicky Redl, 8th April 2009 (Interviewed)

Superweeds – ABC Radio – News, 7th Apil, 2009 (Interviewed)

Academic calls for tighter controls on plant imports – ABC Rural, 7th April 2009  (Interviewed)

Tighter plant quarantine needed – Iconocast, ‎Apr 6, 2009‎ (Featured)

Stop the superweeds: Adelaide biologist – The Independent Weekly, 6th April 2009 (Featured)

The Equinox Group – partnering for change – Messenger newspapers, 27th – 31st October 2008; Adelaide Advertiser, page 10, 24th September 2008; Adelaide Now, 24th September 2008; ABC Radio Adelaide, with Grant Cameron, 23rd September 2008; Radio Adelaide and Breakfast show, 23rd September 2008 (Interviewed and Featured)

How many plant species do we have in South Australia? Landscapes, Autumn 2008 (Authored)

Nature Corridors – ABC Radio – North & West (Statewide), Late Afternoon Show, with Annette Marner, 4th June 2008 (Interviewed)

Super Weeds – ABC Radio – Farming, 28th May 2008 (Interviewed)

Herbarium collections – Adelaide Advertiser, November 2007 (Interviewed)

Changing Seasons; the rhythm of life is changing beat – Adelaide Advertiser, edited by Clare Peddie, 7th August 2007, Magazine, Page 4. (Authored)

Ancient Tree in Adelaide Botanic Gardens – ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 10 TV, 17th November 2006;  (Interviewed)

DNA fingerprinting tracks tree roots – Countryman, June 2003 (Interviewed)

Evolution in action: Britain’s newest plant species is an unparalleled opportunity to study evolution – Planet Earth, Summer 2003,  pp 24-25 (Authored)

Publication of proof of the evolution of a new species featured in the Times (front cover), the Guardian, Fife Times and even Creation (an anti-evolution magazine)

Origin of New species – The Times (front page), Guardian, Fife Times, Creation 2003 (Featured)

Hidden in the trees: Genetic variation in tropical trees helping to inform forest conservation – NERC News, Autumn 2000, pp 10-11 (Authored)

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