Food Futurists

A podcast to really sink your teeth into! Ensuring we have access to healthy and tasty food for the future means lots of people are working hard across food industry supply chains on a global scale. Agtech, food origins, alternative proteins, native foods, food waste, personal food choices, and more are up for discussion. Prof Andy Lowe examines the solutions being put in place today to put tomorrow’s meal on your table.

Food Futurists – Season 2

EvokeAG is the Asia Pacific region’s largest agrifood tech event and is an excellent place to gather, share and be inspired about food, farm, and future. Prof Andy Lowe’s interviews at evokeAG 2020 open you up to the boundless possibilities of a healthy and sustainable food future. Listen to conversations with the likes of Hungry Jacks CEO Jack Cowin, filmmaker Damon Gameau of the renowned films 2040 and That Sugar Film, and Microsoft Azure Chief Scientist Ranveer Chandra.

These Season 2 interviews were recorded at evokeAG 2020 in Melbourne, brought to you by AgriFutures Australia.  This podcast is produced in association with AgriFutures Australia, and in partnership with the University of AdelaideRamona Dalton Communications and Basem3nt Enterprises.


Episode 12, Series 2 – A taste across the Agrifood Tech space

Host Prof Andy Lowe speaks with Food Futurists producer Ramona Dalton picking out some of the bits that make season 2 interviews so fascinating and promising for the entire food industry supply chain and consumers globally. Highlights include season 2 interviews with the likes of film maker Damon Gameau, Hungry Jack’s CEO Jack Cowin, and Microsoft Azure Chief Scientist Ranveer Chandra.

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Episode 11, Series 2 – Why telling the story of a better tomorrow makes sense

It’s easy to get bogged down by what’s not working in the world’s approach to environmental sustainability, agriculture and food production. Film maker Damon Gameau (2040) chooses to look at the solutions and people making waves in today’s industries that promise to radically change the world as we know it, making life better for people and planet.

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Episode 10, Series 2 – Whats really driving change in the food industry

Tony Hunter is an expert forecaster of possible long-term futures of the food industry. Personlised wellness, eating for medicine, feeding the planet – it’s all up for discussion.  

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Episode 9, Series 2 – Bringing AI to agriculture for world’s poorest farmers: replacing guesswork with data driven insights

Ranveer Chandra, Chief Scientist Microsoft Azure and FarmBeats researcher, is looking towards a not-too-distant future where some of the world’s poorest farmers can access low cost data-capture technology using something as ubiquitous as a mobile phone. And how about those old TV aerials? Turns out they’re really handy too.  

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Episode 8, Series 2 – Bananas for change

With 40% of what growers produce not making it to the shops, Krista Watkins Managing Director of Natural Evolution has dedicated herself to finding new uses for unsaleable produce.  Our farmers are growing 100%, let’s use 100%!  Krista knows how. 

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Episode 7, Series 2 – Is carbon neutral meat the holy grail of the livestock industry

“It’s not just meat=bad and plants=good”.  Meat producers have a massive potential of being part of the environmental solution.  Andy speaks with James Madden MD of family business Flinders +Co, the first meat company in the world to fully off-set all carbon emissions from their business and every kilogram of meat they sell.  

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Episode 6, Series 2 – Next level innovation in global Agrifood Tech

Ethy Levy CEO Bridge Hub talks to Andy Lowe about how Israeli-Australian connections are taking the global Agrifood Tech Industry to the next level of innovating, thanks to a special focus on researchers and early-stage start-ups.

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Episode 5, Series 2 – Policy around food products is no piece of cake

Policy and regulations around new plant-based food products, health claims of functional foods, and how millennials purchasing choices aren’t necessary what they seem. This and more with Matt Kovac Executive Director Food Industry Asia in this jam-packed bite-sized episode!

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Episode 4, Series 2 – Going crackers – where the food we actually eat meets the real needs of future food production

Mike Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Food Labs, wants to make it easy for people and businesses to support biodiversity in food production.  Also, find out why this big-picture thinker refuses to answer questions about the next big future food trend.

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Episode 3, Series 2 – Is plant based meat part of the solution? – Hungry Jacks CEO thinks so

Hungry Jacks CEO Jack Cowin speaks with Andy Lowe about why the meat industry is not going to go away, and how plant-based meats can help feed the world’s growing population. 

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Episode 2, Series 2 – This is what it takes to change a generation of farmers for the better

Callan Daley evokeAG 2019’s Future Young Leader, and Field Technician at MEQ Probe, is walking the talk of a new generation of Australian farmers..   He talks with Andy Lowe about consumer demand, supply chains, agtech, marketing, engineering, lasers, and the huge correlation between inter-muscular fat and the eating quality of meat. 

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Episode 1, Series 2 – Connecting with success in the Agrifood tech industry

EvokeAG was created for the purpose of connecting people, organisations and businesses in the agricultural industry. Kay Hull AM, former Member of Parliament in Australia, makes no mistake that she expects delegates at this AgriFutures event to listen, learn, connect, network, and open their minds to further opportunities in the agricultural sector. And whatever you do, don’t be afraid of failure; celebrate failure and move forward! 

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Food Futurists – Season 1

Find out more about season 1 and Andy’s conversations with the likes of Howard Yana-Shapiro of Mars Inc., Marco Gualtieri of Seeds&Chips, Kylie Porter of Global Compact Network Australia, and more. 

All interviews were recorded at Global Table Seeds&Chips in Melbourne 3-6 September 2019. Podcast produced In partnership with the University of AdelaideRamona Dalton Communications and Basem3nt Enterprises.

Episode 10, Series 1 – The minds and innovation behind a renowned global food summit

In this last episode of series 1, Prof Andy Lowe is interviewed by Food Futurists producer Roman Dalton. We get to the heart of the brilliant minds and innovation behind Global Table Seeds&Chips Melbouren 2019. The phenomenal leaders and speakers, thought proving podcast guests, providing solutions today to put tomorrow’s meal on your table. 

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Episode 9, Series 1 – Nutrition of protein alternatives

Talking with Dr Sandro Demaio, CEO of EAT, about the nutritional issues surrounding alternative protein choices.

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Episode 8, Series 1 – Hosting Global Table in Melbourne

Talking with the CEO of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Paul Guerra, about hosting Global Table at Melbourne Showgrounds and its journey from Seeds&Chips in Milan.

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Episode 7, Series 1 – Carbon neutral meat

Talking with Paul Wood, Director of Dairy Australia, about protein options that recognise the importance of sustainably and ethically produced Australian beef and its potential in global markets.

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Episode 6, Series 1 – Alternative proteins

Talking with Thomas King, CEO of Food Frontier, about alternative protein options, the future global market for plant-based protein products and food sustainability.

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Episode 5, Series 1 – Food insecurity and waste

Talking with the CEO of SecondBite, Jim Mullan, about tackling food insecurity and waste through food rescue programs in Australia

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Episode 4, Series 1 – United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Talking with the Executive Director of Global Compact Network Australia, Kylie Porter, about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and their support and uptake here in Australia.

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Episode 3, Series 1 – Agtech opportunities

Talking with Matthew Pryor, Partner of AgThentic, about AgTech opportunities and investment and Australia’s place in this massive global market.

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Episode 2Series 1 – Orphan crops

Talking with the Chief Agricultural Officer of Mars Incorporated, Howard-Yana Shapiro, about orphan crops – the next wave of food plants to come out of Africa augmented for nutrition to help tackle hunger and malnutrition.

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Episode 1, Series 1 – The future of food

Talking to the Founder and Chairman of Seeds&Chips Marco Gualtieri about the unique and energising format of Seeds&Chips and its journey from Milan to Global Table Melbourne Australia.

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