Eco Futurists

Planning for the future and breaking new ground across industries must involve improving our natural environment along the way.

Our lives and livelihoods depend on it

In this podcast, we hear from people leading the way, not only in imagining, but also providing solutions for a future with environmental sustainability in mind.

We speak to scientific experts, industry leaders, artists, adventurers, and committed personalities who make connections in their local and global communities, making life on earth a priority in their grand plans.

They are the Eco Futurists.

Eco Futurists – Series 1

Scientific experts, industry leaders, artists and adventurers, people leading the way, talk about providing solutions to making a sustainable future their priority because they know what it means if we don’t.

Hear from thinkers, change-makers and do-ers talk about developing sustainable futures: from motivating and supporting community sustainability initiatives, the use of technology in sustainability options and the role of the arts in communicating sustainability issues.

In this series listen to

Felix Reibi, Lead Singer and Song Writer, Cat Empire – on using music to communicate environmental issues,

Tim Jarvis, Explorer and Environmental Scientist – on conservation by stealth,

Natasha Davies, Restoration Leader – on motivating communities,

and Damon Gameau, Film Maker – on hope messaging.

Episode 3 – Discovering and protecting Africa’s lost virgin rainforest

Hear from Julian Bayliss, conservation scientist and eco adventurer, on using Google Earth to find lost forests, discovering and describing new species, and protecting the world’s most valuable forest blocks through community support.

Listen here on Spotify or search ‘Eco Futurists’ on any podcast server.

Find out more about Julian at, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Episode 2 – Motivating a community to plant 35 million trees

Hear from Natasha Davis, CEO Trees for Life and restoration leader, on the importance of maintaining focus, engaging with people, building effective partnerships and being adaptable.

Listen here on Spotify or search ‘Eco Futurists’ on any podcast server.

Find out more about Natasha on LinkedIn or FaceBook, and about Trees For Life here

Episode 1 – Turning adventure into conservation

Hear from Tim Jarvis AM, conservation scientist and explorer, on adventuring in the natural world, capturing these moments to deliver conservation by stealth and realising the difference we can all make in our own backyard.

Listen here on Anchor, Spotify or search ‘Eco Futurists’ on any podcast server

Find out more about Tim at, The Australian Museum, Quark Expeditions and LinkedIn.

Hosted by Prof Andy Lowe, Theme Lead for Sustainable Landscapes in the Environment Institute, at the University of Adelaide, and host of podcast Food Futurists. Andy is a British-Australian scientist. He solves some of the most pressing global resource, production, and landscape sustainability challenges through the application of technology innovations delivered in responsible and economically realistic frameworks. 

—— Credits ——

This podcast is produced in partnership with the University of Adelaide, The Environment Institute and BASEM3NT Studios. The Eco-Futurists concept is a multimedia platform developed by Andrew Lowe, Nicole Miller, Ramona Dalton and Paul Ryan – 57 Films. The Eco-Futurists logo was developed by Nicole Miller, Andrew Lowe, Corinna McLaine, Paul Ryan and Ramona Dalton.

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