How Australian research infrastructure supports global efforts during COVID-19

Australia’s research infrastructure is world-class and supports our innovation, research and development activities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s research infrastructure has contributed to global efforts to develop vaccine and treatment options as well as furthering our understanding of infection biology, and will be crucial to support Australia’s socio-economic recovery post-COVID-19.

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Saving threatened species from the danger of poachers

Illegal logging and wildlife poaching are driving species to extinction. But the scientists working to save these species may also inadvertently be releasing information that helps poachers find and destroy these species. Read on for helpful advice on how to avoid releasing a treasure map for poachers, rewritten from an interview with Robyn Williams for ABC’s Ockham’s razor.

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Buzz around pollinators

Feral honey bees – European bees which have escaped from hives into the wild – are surprisingly useful in Australia. They pollinate over 70% of crops that require pollination, like apples, pears, lucerne, melons, berries, canola. But with Varroa mite, a blood-sucking pest of bees, decimating the feral honey bee population globally, and set to invade Australia in the near future, what can be done to maintain pollination services?

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