Music – a solution to climate change?

When we discuss ‘Climate Change Solutions’ or ‘Saving the Environment’ we may think of advances in technology, new scientific discoveries or powerful policy changes.

But the truth is, our relationship with our planet today relies on more than just science and technology – it relies on the humanities, the arts, musicians, performers, activists and a whole range of players to make it happen.

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Eco Futurists – Series 1

Planning for the future and breaking new ground across industries must involve improving our natural environment along the way. Our lives and livelihoods depend on it

Announcing a new podcast, in which we hear from people leading the way, not only in imagining, but also providing solutions for a future with environmental sustainability in mind.

We speak to scientific experts, industry leaders, artists, adventurers, and committed personalities who make connections in their local and global communities, making life on earth a priority in their grand plans. They are the Eco Futurists.

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Behind the scenes work to stop illegal logging

Illegal logging is a big issue. Approximately 30% to 50% of all timber traded globally is illegally sourced. Illegal logging comes in many forms. It may be the replacement of high value for low value timber products, it may incorrect declaration of species or region of origin of products, which masks trade in endangered species or export of timber from protected areas, or it may be the mixing of illegitimately and legitimately sourced timber. 

Combating illegal logging also needs to take many forms, many of these are technology solutions that support behaviour change.

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How Australian research infrastructure supports global efforts during COVID-19

Australia’s research infrastructure is world-class and supports our innovation, research and development activities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s research infrastructure has contributed to global efforts to develop vaccine and treatment options as well as furthering our understanding of infection biology, and will be crucial to support Australia’s socio-economic recovery post-COVID-19.

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