The future of food is now

Here are the final block of podcasts from Series 2 of Food Futurists. Hear interviews with Ranveer Chandra, Chief Scientist Microsoft Azure, on how AI can revolutionise the world’s poorest farming systems; Damon Gameau, Filmmaker of 2040, on why telling the story of a better tomorrow makes sense; Callan Daley, EvokeAg 2019 Future Young Leader, on walking the talk of a new generation of Australian farmers; and Tony Hunter, Futurist, on personalised wellness, feeding the planet and more…

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Consumers and the reality of the food industry

Something for the weekend…the next batch of Food Futurists podcasts – Series 2. Hear from Mike Lee of AlphaFoods on future food trends, Ethy Levy, Founder of BridgeHub on how to take food innovations global and Matt Kovac on controlling some of the more outlandish claims around food fraud, functional foods and dietary health claims.

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If a tree falls in a forest…

Yes of course it makes a noise, but if it is felled illegally can those that perpetrated the crime be caught? Here we delve into the first case to use DNA fingerprinting of trees to match timber back to the site of illegal logging activity, and which led to the prosecution of the perpetrators under the US Lacey Act.

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Let’s talk all things meat and plant

Heres the second batch of the second season of Food Futurists podcasts – Im talking all things meat and plant with Jack Cowin, yes that’s THE Jack from Hungry Jacks, carbon neutral meat with James Madden from Flinders and Co, and turning green banana waste into something useful with Krista Watkins

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The State of Innovation – Food

Farmers are a pretty canny lot and constantly innovating. But whilst we have seen major changes to the agriculture system driven by mechanisation and computers in the past, we are facing a time of unprecedented change.  

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Food Futurists – Series 2

So its a bit overdue I know, but what with COVID 19 and all that… Anyway Im putting up here the links to Series 2 of Food Futurists, recorded at EvokeAg earlier this year. These two episodes feature interviews with Kay Hull – Chair of Agrifutures and Champion of EvokeAg – and er…me…

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Podcast – Paul Guerra

… talking with the CEO of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Paul Guerra, about hosting Global Table at Melbourne Showgrounds and its journey from Seeds&Chips in Milan.

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Podcast – Paul Wood

…talking with Paul Wood, Director of Dairy Australia, about protein options that recognise the importance of sustainably and ethically produced Australian beef and its potential in global markets.

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