Podcast – Thomas King

..talking with Thomas King, CEO of Food Frontier, about alternative protein options, the future global market for plant-based protein products and food sustainability.

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What exactly is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

It’s basically a big patch of floating rubbish in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but what is it made of and how did it get there?

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Podcast – Kylie Porter

…talking with the Executive Director of Global Compact Network Australia, Kylie Porter, about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and their support and uptake here in Australia.

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Podcast – Matt Pryor

…talking with Matthew Pryor, Partner of AgThentic, about AgTech opportunities and investment and Australia’s place in this massive global market.

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Taking a seat at the Global Table

I have to say I experienced something pretty special just the other week.

It was Global Table at the Melbourne Show Grounds earlier in September. Billed as an event that brings together the world’s brightest minds to solve our biggest food challenges, it had much to live up to.

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Podcast – Howard-Yana Shapiro

…talking with the Chief Agricultural Officer of Mars Incorporated, Howard-Yana Shapiro, about orphan crops – the next wave of food plants to come out of Africa augmented for nutrition to help tackle hunger and malnutrition.

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Future Food Fashions Trending in Milan

I recall sitting in a café back in May this year sipping a macchiato and eating a flaky pastry. Early morning in Milan was a sight, and out of the window I remember seeing the Duomo cathedral rising majestically out of the central square.

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