Top 10 predictions for trending food changes

With all the changes and pressures afoot in the food industry, and with international targets clearly defined through several of the United Nations Sustainability Goals, what can we expect our food to look like in the future? 

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Having our cake (and eating it too)

Let us be in no doubt, food production and processing is in the midst of the biggest change since the industrial revolution.

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Alternative protein sources

I was recently at the Global Food Summit – Seeds and Chips – in Milan, and surprised to see that out of the 350 or so startups exhibiting there, about a quarter were profiling some sort of alternative protein source.

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Protein is the new black

We are starting to see some pretty interesting dietary trends that aim to lower our meat consumption, but they are not based on the traditional ethical or health grounds, but now on environmental and climate impact grounds.

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Creating opportunity from food waste

As you sit down to your next meal, concerns about food waste are probably furthest from your mind.

But instead of just making you feel guilty about it – and heaven knows there are enough issues flying around at the moment to cover off on that emotion – lets look at what can be done about food waste.

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