Consumers and the reality of the food industry

Something for the weekend…the next batch of Food Futurists podcasts – Series 2. Hear from Mike Lee of AlphaFoods on future food trends, Ethy Levy, Founder of BridgeHub on how to take food innovations global and Matt Kovac on controlling some of the more outlandish claims around food fraud, functional foods and dietary health claims.

First up Mike Lee on future food trends including sustainability, preserving biodiversity and farm futures – interview link here

Next up Ethy Levy of BridgeHub talking about how Israeli-Australian connections are helping take the global agtech industry to the next level, thanks to a special focus on research and early-stage startups. Links to all streaming services available from here.

The flow of problems from delegates at evokeAG on the Bridge Hub Water Challenge Wall were passionate and diverse.

Finally in this batch, a conversation with Matt Kovac. I have to say before I started this interview I didn’t really know where it was going to go, but we had a ball and went all over the place – from food in Asia, to food policy and plant based foods and finally to food fraud and bogus health claims – a real tour of the issues. Hear it here.

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