Under the surface: shedding light on ‘ocean blindness’

What happened when the head of Engineering for Google Australia and the Professor and author behind Australia’s first ever textbook on Marine Ecology came together? Nothing short of the miraculous bringing back to life of an extinct ecosystem in the waters of Australia’s biodiverse southern coastline.

And what’s next on the sparkly horizon?

Prof. Sean Connell with fish on Windara Reef
Prof. Sean Connell with fish on Windara Reef

In this podcast episode find out how the founders of AusOcean, Alan Noble and Prof Sean Connell, are stretching traditional models of marine conservation efforts through open-source hardware and software, and low-cost ways of public engagement. They are a driving force shedding light on the ‘ocean blindness’ that muddies our understanding of biodiversity conservation in marine ecosystems, looking to reverse the tide of extinction in our oceans. 

Eco Futurists is supported by the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide.

Learn More:

AusOcean https://www.ausocean.org
AusOcean Live Stream https://www.youtube.com/@AusOcean/streams
Marine Biology at the Environment Institute, University of Adelaide

Hosted by Prof Andy Lowe, Interim Director of the Environment Institute University of Adelaide

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