Let’s talk all things meat and plant

Heres the second batch of the second season of Food Futurists podcasts – Im talking all things meat and plant with Jack Cowin, yes that’s THE Jack from Hungry Jacks, carbon neutral meat with James Madden from Flinders and Co, and turning green banana waste into something useful with Krista Watkins

First up the interview with Jack Cowen from Hungry Jacks, about why the meat industry is here to stay, and how plant based meats can help feed the worlds growing population.

Next, its James Madden, Managing Director of family business Flinders + Co., the first meat company in the world to fully off-set all carbon emissions from their business and every kilogram of meat they sell. “It’s not just meat=bad and plants=good”. Meat producers have a massive potential of being part of the environmental solution. Here’s the link

And finally, fantastic interview with Krista Watkins – what a star. Of all the energy, money, resources and love that goes into farming 40% goes to waste. Our farmers are growing 100% let’s use 100%! Exactly the type of solutions focussed thinking and doing we’re looking for – here’s the podcast episode.

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